Courtesy Car Rental Agreement

Lessee Agrees:

To return it in its present condition. Clean up fee$20.00, If Vehicle Is NOT Returned Clean, Inside and

To return vehicle with same amount of gas.

Not to leave the County of Saginaw with this vehicle. Lessee is responsible for all repairs, damage, towing, etc. outside of Saginaw county.

To pay $0.25 a mile over 150 miles.

Person signing for this vehicle is TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for the vehicle. In Consideration of payment of $ , or for Lessee’s agreement to allow Lessor to service Lessee’s automobile, Lessee agrees to the following provisions:

1. Lessee shall return the vehicle identified in this Agreement to Lessor in the same condition as received, except for ordinary wear, at the location obtained or other location if designated in this Agreement, on the return date specified in this Agreement or sooner if demanded by Lessor. Lessor reserves the right to repossess vehicle at any time without demand at Lessee’s expense if vehicle is used in violation of this Agreement, or is illegally parked, or is used in violation of law, or is apparently abandoned.

2. In the event of loss or damage to the vehicle subject to this Agreement while in the possession of Lessee, Lessee shall pay to Lessor, or its insurer, on demand the amount of all resulting loss and expenses of Lessor regardless of fault. Lessee and Lessor agree that the vehicle subject to this Agreement is a substitute vehicle of Lessee and that though Lessee is insured under a policy of automobile insurance as identified above, in the event said automobile insurance company denies coverage for damage to the vehicle, Lessee agrees to be responsible for all resulting losses or expenses regardless of fault.

3. In no event shall the vehicle subject to this Agreement be used, operated or driven (a) for the transportation of persons or property for hire; (b) in a competitive event; (c) to push or tow any vehicle or trailer; (d) outside of the State of Michigan; (e) by any person in violation of the Motor Vehicle Code of the state in which such vehicle is located; or (f) by any person while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or for any illegal purpose. These restrictions are cumulative and each of them shall apply to every use, operation or driving of the vehicle subject to this Agreement.

4. Neither Lessee nor any other driver of the vehicle subject to this Agreement shall be or deemed to be the agent, servant or employee of Lessor for any reason or for any purpose.

5. Lessee agrees to release Lessor from any claim that Lessee might have against Lessor for any alleged defects in the vehicle which is the subject of this Agreement, or in any manner growing out of the use of said vehicle.

6. Lessee further agrees to pay Lessor or its insurer on demand: (a) a sum equal to the value of all tires, tools and accessories lost or stolen from the vehicle which is the subject or this Agreement while in the possession or control of Lessee; (b) the amount of any fines for illegal parking or traffic violations assessed against the vehicle which is the subject of this Agreement, driver and/or dealer during the term of this Agreement, unless Lessee pays directly to the assessing authority or elects to defend and indemnify Lessor.

7. Lessee agrees to furnish all gasoline and oil and to keep the radiator solution at a proper level until the vehicle is returned to Lessor.

8. Lessor agrees to provide liability coverage for Lessee, Lessee’s spouse, father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, or other immediate family member authorized to operate the vehicle which is subject to this agreement, and no others, in accordance with provisions of MCLA 257,401 of the Michigan Compiled Laws for bodily injury, limited to $20.000 because of bodily injury to or death of one person in any one accident, and $40.000 because of bodily injury to or death of two or more persons in any one accident arising from the use of the vehicle which is the subject of this Agreement as permitted by this Agreement. Lessee agrees to comply with and be bound by all the terms, conditions and restrictions of said coverage and agrees to immediately report any accident to Lessor and deliver to Lessor or its insurer every process, pleading, notice or paper of any kind relating to any claim, suit or proceeding received by lessee or any other authorized driver as stated above in connection with any accident or event involving the subject vehicle.

9. Lessee hereby designates Lessee’s insurance carrier (as may be identified herein above) as the insured carrier having primary responsibility for coverage for all losses as identified in paragraphs 8, 10, 11, and 12.

10. Lessee shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Lessor from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, injuries, claims, demands, costs and expenses arising out of or connected with the possession or use of the subject vehicle during the term of this agreement including but not limited to any and all claims of or liabilities to third parties arising out of the abandonment, conversion, concealment or unauthorized sale of the vehicle by Lessee or Lessee’s authorized drivers, agents or employees, or the confiscation of the vehicle by any governmental authority for illegal or improper use of said vehicle.

11. Lessee further agrees to hold Lessor harmless and to assume full responsibility for any injury or death that may occur to Lessee or any other authorized driver or any other person, or any loss or damage that may occur to any property of Lessee or others through the use by Lessee or any other person of the above-described vehicle.

12. Lessee understands and agrees that Lessee will reimburse Lessor for any amounts Lessor may be held liable because of bodily injury to or death of others arising out of the use of the subject vehicle while in the possession and control of Lessee. Lessee’s liability to Lessor in this regard is for any and all amounts Lessor may owe to others and Lessee further agrees and understands that Lessee may further be liable to others for amounts awarded in excess of those listed in paragraph 8.

13. Lessee further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless lessor from and against any and all losses, costs, damages, attorney fees and/or liability in connection with the above agreement. In the event suit is instituted by lessor to enforce any and all of the terms, conditions and/or provisions hereof, it is understood that Lessor does not waive, but expressly retains, any other legal right or claim which Lessor might have against Lessee growing out of Lessee’s or other authorized person’s use of the vehicle subject to this Agreement or the vehicle’s registration plates. Lessee agrees that Lessor shall have a lien on and a right to retain any vehicle owned by Lessee pending payment of any amounts Lessee might owe Lessor hereunder.


15. Lessee warrants that the information pertaining top the subject vehicle’s use is accurate and complete.

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